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Item #   Description Pot Size Price
Maxt   Max tenuifolia  Belize #4  To bloom in season These are large plants 6" HB 28.00
Oncsp   Oncidium spachalatum "Sun Beam" AM/AOS    3 ft compact spikes  large plants to bloom sp-su, plants can be split after blooming 6" 30.00
Dendsp   Dend Specio-Kinganium "Casablanca"   many sizes to choose from 6"-10" 15.00-85.00
Dendno   Dend nobile "Knowlton Hall"  Blooms well does not need to be dried or chilled to bloom   in bud and bloom now           6"HB 25.00
Dendvi   Dend nobile var. virginalis  pure white variety of the species 6"HB 28.00


  Mormolyca ringens   "The Texas Pete Orchid"   yellow with red narrow blooms on tall stems  blooms almost all the time 4" 24.00
MaxtC1   Max tenuifolia   **4N**  THESE PLANTS ARE SUPER HUSKY 4" 30.00

Arbequina Olive Trees for Sale
5 foot + olive trees in 3 gal pots.
5/8" Caliper
Great as an ornamental tree.
Grows Indoors or Out... Cold hardy down to 12F to 14F. Zones 8-11, and in zone 7 if protected. May be grown indoors as unusual house plant.
Plants are approximately 7 years old and are bearing age.
Volume discounts available.

Local Pickup Only

3 Gal 35.00
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